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The Essential Toolkit for Serious Modelers

The Complete SparxEA Collection

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Quality
  • Deliver Insights

Scalable modeling solutions for Enterprise Architect teams

eaTeamWorks brings you a suite of powerful tools to improve your productivity, maintain model consistency, deliver effective collaboration, and create high-quality outputs.

Deliver Productivity and Quality

eaTeamWorks helps your team with rapid editing and analysis tools, real time notifications and consistent standards, for fast, right first time modeling and streamlined model governance.

Discover new insights

View your model in new ways, with meta-model diagrams, quantitative analysis, derived relationships, project dependencies and instant impact assessments.

Update with Interactive Outputs

Save time and simplify model updates, with document revisions direct into your model. Accelerate reviews and maintain control of your model.

Everyone benefits

Features that deliver benefits to every part of your modeling journey.

Improve Model Quality

Make models that can be trusted. Create and edit models fast, avoiding duplications and over-writes, and apply consistent modeling standards. So it's easy to use and re-use models.

Increase Value

Delight stakeholders with deliverables. Use model dependencies to manage project scope and scheduling. Share derived relationships, and simplify trade-off studies.

Save Time

Reduce the time it takes to add and edit model content, speed up reviews by saving updates from documents directly into the model, and streamline model governance.

Deliver for your Business

Scale your modeling with improved productivity, better quality modeling, and all delivered faster. eaTeamWorks lets modelers focus on the modeling - and everyone can see the benefits.

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