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Are you interested in mastering the Enterprise Architect tool or enhancing your knowledge of a specific modeling language? Do you wish to apply what you’ve learned practically within your field of expertise? The Academy For Professional Modelling training programs are designed to meet your needs.

The Academy For Professional Modelling by Sparxsystems Central Europe offer a range of courses, from standard training sessions to tailored solutions for your organization. As the authorized retailers of Sparxsystems Central Europe’s products in the Nordic countries, we at Dynacore invite you to contact us for enrollment in professional modeling courses offered through their esteemed academy. Below is a comprehensive list of the training options:




Start Modelling with Sparx Enterprise Architect

Discover the foundational structure, guiding principles, and essential functions of this dynamic tool.

Basic trainings

NAFv4 ADMBw with Enterprise Architect

Develop architectural data models for both military and civilian applications.

BPMN with Enterprise Architect

Discover the versatility of Enterprise Architect in this comprehensive course designed for effective process modelling.

UML with Enterprise Architect

Grasp the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and its application within Enterprise Architect.

ArchiMate with Enterprise Architect

Developing Enterprise Architectures with ArchiMate.

SysML with Enterprise Architect

Grasp the Systems Modelling Language and implement it using the tool.



For training at your premises, all that is required is a projector for the instructor (minimum resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels) and a flipchart. Each participant also needs their own laptop or PC with an operational installation of Enterprise Architect in the agreed version.

For online training, a second screen for the speaker’s presentation is strongly recommended. A headset or speaker and microphone are required. The use of a webcam is recommended so that the trainer can better respond to all participants. A stable internet connection is also essential.


The preferred tools for online trainings are Zoom and MS Teams. For public trainings the academy always use Zoom. For Company Trainings other tools can be used upon agreement, if the trainer can be set up as moderator or host.

If Sparxsystems CE is the host, they need the email addresses of all training participants before the training.


All participants need the same version and build number of Enterprise Architect. (The build number is displayed under Start > Help > About EA).
The trainer will decide which version or build is to be used for the training. In public training courses, the current version or build is always used.



You are welcome to use the trial version of Enterprise Architect for the training, if you do not yet have a license. You can download the current trial version here free of charge. If required, you can also be provided a trial version of older versions, an extension of the trial license or temporary floating licenses for your full version.

Here are instructions on how to install two different versions of Enterprise Architect on your computer.



The trainings – Public as well as Company – are supported by the learning platform Moodle. There, course participants have the opportunity to acquire basic technical knowledge step by step in order to gain an understanding of the fundamental modelling concepts.

By means of exercises and quizzes, what has been learned can be practically applied and reviewed in order to understand and perform configurations and settings.

Technical requirements
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