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Dynacore is a digital, paperless organization and our suppliers are also deeply committed into sustainability and environmental factors. 


In times of species extinction, it is incredibly important to work to try to preserve biodiversity. The big five of Africa is in danger of extinction and that’s why we donate 1 percent of our profits to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They work to ensure a sustainable future for all wildlife, habitats and communities in Kenya. Among their many projects they raise orphan elephants, got veterinary units, community outreach and anti-poaching. 

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We have adopted three baby elephants.







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Sustainable investments

We believe in the power of people. There are a lot of entrepreneurial people out there who are working hard to improve their own lives and to help their communities. That’s why we invest in projects through Kiva. By investing in these projects we can help people getting the founds they need to get access to clean water, sanitation or to grow their businesses and get out of poverty. 

Our suppliers

You can read about how our suppliers work with sustainability here:



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