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NAFv4 ADMBw with Enterprise Architect

Develop architectural data models for both military and civilian applications.

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The NATO Architecture Framework version 4 (NAFv4) serves as a specialized modeling language tailored for NATO’s Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). The Architectural Data Model of the Armed Forces (ADMBw) is the German Armed Forces’ adaptation of NAFv4, which excludes certain views but introduces unique ones. This course equips you with the skills to employ NAFv4 within the ADMBw framework using the Enterprise Architect software, enabling you to craft and modify architectures pertinent to projects.

Training Format 

We offer a hybrid learning approach to ease you into the Enterprise Architect software:

  • eLearning Module: Engage in self-paced study through the online platform, ensuring uniform foundational knowledge. The module spans approximately 6 hours and encapsulates the essentials.

  • Live Sessions: Participate in a 4-day, instructor-led online workshop from 9 am to 4 pm daily.

Intended Audience

​The program targets modelers, aspiring method specialists, IPT, and project managers who seek to leverage the Enterprise Architect software for effective project planning and architecture management.

Those with prior experience in NAFv4 ADMBw or Enterprise Architect will find this course beneficial for deepening and broadening their expertise.



The course aims to:

  • Furnish participants with role-specific knowledge for architectural modeling using Enterprise Architect.

  • Empower participants to independently navigate the German Armed Forces’ specific content.

  • Address key queries such as:

    • Acquisition and installation of NAFv4 ADMBw.

    • The UML elements underpinning NAFv4 ADMBw’s implementation.

    • Creation of UML elements with Enterprise Architect within the NAFv4 ADMBw framework.

    • Utilization of BPMN within NAFv4 ADMBw.

    • Construction and organization of NAFv4 ADMBw models in Enterprise Architect.

Content Highlights

Modeling requires a language, a tool like Enterprise Architect for productivity, and a method for effective utilization. With over two decades of training experience, we impart practical insights for efficient and impactful modeling.

  • Language: We’ll cover the integration and extension of languages like UML and BPMN within NAFv4 ADMBw, including UML diagram types, elements, relationships, profiles, and patterns.

  • Tool Proficiency: Learn the ins and outs of Enterprise Architect, including its structure, essential settings, model-diagram differentiation, tracing, navigation, teamwork fundamentals, versioning with Baseline, and document creation.

  • Methodology: While NAFv4/ADMBw lacks a prescribed method, it offers guidelines for project phases. We’ll follow the “Analysis phase part 1 (CPM)” guide for a cohesive example encompassing all vital elements and diagrams.

Expertise Sharing 

Leverage Sparxsystems CE’s extensive experience in Enterprise Architect training, enriched with practical tips and insights from working with NAFv4 ADMBw.


While a rudimentary grasp of (software) systems can be advantageous, it is not mandatory for enrollment.

For comprehensive details on the technical specifications required for this eLearning—such as necessary hardware, software, compatible versions of Enterprise Architect, licenses, and information about the Moodle learning platform—please refer to the following section.


Duration: by arrangement
Location: online or onsite

Agenda: customizable agenda, also with company-specific content; as a template
Date: by arrangement

Degree: confirmation of participation
Registration deadline: 3-6 weeks before the desired date
Bookable with a minimum of 5 participants
Price from 3 days/person: € 1.584,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)
Price per day/person: € 582,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)


Duration: 2 days
Location: online

Agenda: predefined agenda, not customizable
Date: on request

Degree: confirmation of participation
Bookable for individuals
Price/person: € 1.720,- excl. VAT

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