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Sparx Systems Product Suite

About Sparx Systems


Sparx Systems specializes in high performance and scalable visual modelling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems. With customers in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive engineering to finance, defence, government, entertainment and telecommunications, Sparx Systems is a leading vendor of innovative solutions based on the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and its related specifications. A Contributing Member of the Object Management Group (OMG), Sparx Systems is committed to realizing the potential of model-driven development based on open standards. The company’s flagship product, Enterprise Architect, has received numerous accolades since its commercial release in August, 2000. Enterprise Architect is the design tool of choice for about 1 million registered users world-wide.

Enterprise Architect

A powerful modeling and visualization tool with all the essential features and more at a very reasonable price.

See full description here.

Enterprise Architect

Pro Cloud Server

Collaborate, Create, Integrate

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server radically transforms the business value of modeling and design. Instantly extend model access to your entire organization. Review and discuss models and solutions. Assign and manage resources. File bugs, create requirements and much more from a familiar and mobile friendly-web based interface.

Pro Cloud Server
WebEA logo

Immediate web based access to models. No need to publish or export content – simply connect your model to the Pro Cloud Server and enjoy shared access to the rich content and visual models created in Enterprise Architect. Review, discuss, manage and collaborate. Share the power and expression of your models with the entire organization. Read more...

Enterprise Architect logo

Connect Enterprise Architect to the Pro Cloud Server and experience optimized access to your models from any web enabled location. Globally collaborate on models by connecting up with a simple URL. No database drivers and other client side access components are required. Access is optimized for high latency links. Connect from anywhere – work from anywhere.

OSLC Restful API logo

Use the extensive RESTful API to exchange information between your model repository and other systems. Based on OSLC/RDF the expanded and efficient API is immediately available for internal use by customers. Note: A commercial license is required for 3rd party use. The license simply details the scope and conditions under which the API may be used for commercial purposes.


Share architecture information with people who aren't modelers.


With Prolaborate, you can:


  • Visualize your architecture data as graphs, charts or dashboards

  • Easily Share architecture diagrams

  • Collaborate with your architecture team more effectively

  • Conduct reviews and capture stakeholder feedback.

Create the ultimate decision support system with Sparx EA and Prolaborate.

Use your architecture models to drive business decisions with:

  • Project Stakeholders

  • Executives and Business Leaders

  • Operations Teams

Access from anywhere
Simplify User Experience
Reduce the Complexity
Role-based dashboards
Create and edit EA data
Enable single sign-on
Publish in Confluence
Publish in SharePoint
Create unified views
Collaborate seamlessly
Share effortlessly
Open community access
Create dynamic visualizations
Create custom reports
Get short URL's from EA
Architecture in one-page
Derive valuable insights
Analyze business impacts
Analyze relationships
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