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Enterprise Architect 16

EA 16 brings many new enhancements & technologies for distributed agile modeling & design, cloud-based project management, integrated simulation as well as software & database engineering.

Visual flexibility

Visual flexibility

  • Custom drawing styles let you choose how to represent design elements with custom shapes, transparencies, colors and images.

  • Unleash your creativity and build the visual representations your customers are familiar with.

  • Streamline your diagram's appearance with the new "Simple" diagram style. As a drawing style, it is minimalist, removing notation-specific detail, leaving uncluttered diagrams that are easily understood by all stakeholders.

User interface

User interface based on security group

The Perspectives capability has been streamlined and linked into Enterprise Architect’s security and governance to provide a richer and more useful modeling experience for both small teams and large enterprises.

Model based add ins

Model Based Add-ins

  • Add-ins are defined in the model using standard modeling techniques

  • JavaScript supported for all behavioral code

    • Add-ins can:

    • Access all Repository based behavior

    • Respond to repository events (signals)

    • Set up and use property lists

    • Call SBPI based API’s

Drag and Drop Report

Drag & Drop Report

  • Drag and drop from the project browser onto an opened Document Artifact for quick & easy document generation 

  • Select a suitable template in a pop-up dialog

  • Enterprise Architect will render the selected element(s) into the open document using the template or fragment chosen

  • Instantly update the document at the click of a button

Diagram Matrix View

Diagram Matrix View

  • This connector focused view provides a view of how elements on the current diagram are related

  • Provides a relationship matrix view for the elements that appear on a diagram

  • Drawn in a style similar to the state table view

  • Uses existing quicklinker rules to determine which connectors can be created

  • Includes the option to limit the display to those elements that have relationships defined

Database Modelling

Database Modeling

Enterprise Architect’s built-in Data Modeling tools and profiles extend UML to provide an intuitive mapping from the database concepts of tables and relationships onto the UML concepts of classes and associations. These extensions also enable you to model database keys, triggers, constraints, RI and other relational database features.


Enterprise Architect supports modeling of database schema and automatic generation of DDL scripts for eleven DBMS targets out-of-the-box:

  • DB2,Firebird, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL

New Tools

  • DMN (Decision Modeling Notation)

  • Data Miner

  • Diagram Matrix view

  • Diagram construct view

  • Custom tables

  • Custom diagram styles

  • Custom reports

  • Feature matrix

  • Project Browser favorites

  • New Element Browser

  • New Portals

  • New Diagram Browser

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