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ArchiMate with Enterprise Architect

Developing Enterprise Architectures with ArchiMate

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ArchiMate, a standardized language by The Open Group, is rooted in IEEE 1471 concepts. It’s an independent and open modeling language dedicated to the representation and articulation of enterprise architectures. Employed across various sectors like IT, telecom, finance, and administration, ArchiMate excels in illustrating business, applications, and technology through a predefined linguistic framework, offering a high-level abstraction for crafting a detailed yet digestible model for diverse stakeholders.

This training introduces the Enterprise Architect tool through a hybrid learning approach:

eLearning Module: 

Participants can independently cover the fundamentals at their convenience through the online platform, ensuring uniform foundational knowledge. The module spans approximately 6 hours, outlined here. 

Interactive Online Sessions: 

A 3-day live, instructor-led online workshop from 9 am to 4 pm daily. 

Intended Audience: 

The program targets business analysts, enterprise, solution, process, and domain architects seeking foundational insights into ArchiMate and its practical application within Enterprise Architect.

For those with prior exposure to ArchiMate or Enterprise Architect, this course offers an opportunity to deepen and broaden your expertise.

Learning Goals

  • Comprehending ArchiMate: Gain familiarity with ArchiMate symbols and their implications, enabling accurate diagram interpretation.

  • Applying ArchiMate: Understand when and how to use ArchiMate’s concepts and constructs to craft enterprise architectures that detail an organization’s structure, behavior, and components.

  • Navigating Enterprise Architect: Learn the essential framework of Enterprise Architect and its application in model creation and modification, along with key strategies for managing ArchiMate models.

The training also addresses key questions such as:

  • The essence of enterprise architecture.

  • The unique benefits of ArchiMate.

  • The foundational language concepts provided by ArchiMate.

  • Effective model structuring using ArchiMate.

  • The queries ArchiMate viewpoints can resolve.

  • Modeling enterprise architecture with ArchiMate.

  • Efficiently leveraging ArchiMate within Enterprise Architect.

Content Highlights

Modeling requires not just a language but also a tool like Enterprise Architect for productivity, coupled with a method for proper language application. Sparxsystems CE's experience ensures efficient and effective modeling practices.

Language Proficiency

ArchiMate is tailored for enterprise architecture modeling, detailing organizational structure, behavior, and composition. The course emphasizes language concepts and notations to depict the interplay between business processes, applications, infrastructure, and stakeholders. Post-training, you’ll grasp the essentials of:

  • ArchiMate 3.1 Core Framework: Outlining business, application, and technology architectures.

  • ArchiMate 3.1 Extended Framework: Expanding on the technology layer to include physical elements and the pivotal implementation and migration layers.

  • ArchiMate Views: Exploring viewpoints that offer focused architectural perspectives, with an emphasis on Basic Viewpoints.

Tool Mastery

Enterprise Architect serves as a versatile modeling platform. Post-training, you’ll be versed in:

  • The fundamental structure and configurations of Enterprise Architect.

  • Distinguishing models from diagrams.

  • Key tracing and navigation techniques across ArchiMate models.

  • Collaboration fundamentals.

  • Version control basics with Baseline.

  • Crucial aspects of ArchiMate language utilization.

Methodological Insights

The course delves into ArchiMate’s service-oriented approach to differentiate and connect enterprise architecture layers, promoting a holistic view of business, application, and technology as distinct yet interdependent entities.

ArchiMate often aligns with frameworks like TOGAF, BPMN, and UML for a robust enterprise architecture management strategy.

Practical Wisdom

Leverage Sparxsystems CE’s extensive experience in ArchiMate training with Enterprise Architect, enriched with practical tips and insights.


While a rudimentary grasp of (software) systems can be advantageous, it is not mandatory for enrollment.

For comprehensive details on the technical specifications required for this eLearning—such as necessary hardware, software, compatible versions of Enterprise Architect, licenses, and information about the Moodle learning platform—please refer to the following section.


Duration: by arrangement
Location: online or onsite

Agenda: customizable agenda, also with company-specific content; as a template
Date: by arrangement

Degree: confirmation of participation
Registration deadline: 3-6 weeks before the desired date
Bookable with a minimum of 5 participants
Price from 3 days/person: € 1.584,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)
Price per day/person: € 582,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)


Duration: 2 days
Location: online

Agenda: predefined agenda, not customizable
Date: on request

Degree: confirmation of participation
Bookable for individuals
Price/person: € 1.290,- excl. VAT

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