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BPMN with Enterprise Architect

Discover the versatility of Enterprise Architect in this comprehensive course designed for effective process modelling.

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Post-Course Proficiencies:

  • Grasp the foundational architecture of Enterprise Architect.

  • Master critical configurations and settings.

  • Distinguish between models and diagrams.

  • Navigate seamlessly through various process models.

  • Collaborate effectively with team members.

  • Implement version control using Baseline.

  • Generate documents with ease.

  • Optimize BPMN within the Enterprise Architect environment.

Methodology Insights with BPMN

While BPMN is not inherently methodological, it becomes instrumental when aligned with structured model organization and strategic modelling practices.

Course Benefits:

  • Employ BPMN’s diverse concepts and visual representations.

  • Leverage Enterprise Architect to map out comprehensive process landscapes.

  • Gain insights into methods that enhance your modelling approach.

Leveraging Experience

  • Benefit from Sparxsystems CE’s two decades of expertise in BPMN and Enterprise Architect, packed with practical advice and efficient techniques.


While a rudimentary grasp of (software) systems can be advantageous, it is not mandatory for enrollment.

For comprehensive details on the technical specifications required for this eLearning—such as necessary hardware, software, compatible versions of Enterprise Architect, licenses, and information about the Moodle learning platform—please refer to the following section.


Duration: by arrangement
Location: online or onsite
Presentation language: German/English

Agenda: customizable agenda, also with company-specific content; as a template
Date: by arrangement

Degree: confirmation of participation
Registration deadline: 3-6 weeks before the desired date
Bookable with a minimum of 5 participants
Price from 3 days/person: € 1.584,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)
Price per day/person: € 582,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)


Duration: 2 days
Location: online
Presentation language: German/English

Agenda: predefined agenda, not customizable
Date: on request

Degree: confirmation of participation
Bookable for individuals
Price/person: € 860,- excl. VAT

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