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UML with Enterprise Architect

Grasp the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and its application within Enterprise Architect.

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This course imparts the essentials of UML for conceptual modelling within Enterprise Architect, utilizing hands-on examples. You’ll gain the ability to articulate software systems’ structure, behavior, and functionality. These principles are also applicable to Systems Modelling Language (SysML), data model creation, or further exploration with implementation models.

Learning Format

We offer a blended learning approach to ease into Enterprise Architect:

  • eLearning: Self-paced modules on the learning platform ensure uniform foundational knowledge. The current curriculum spans approximately 6 hours, outlined succinctly here.

  • Live Sessions: Engage in a 3-day, instructor-led online workshop from 9 am to 4 pm daily.

Intended Audience

The course is designed for software architects, developers, quality experts, and IT professionals seeking foundational UML knowledge and its usage in Enterprise Architect. If you have prior UML or Enterprise Architect experience, this course will enhance and broaden your understanding.

Learning Goals

  • Comprehend UML: Familiarize yourself with UML symbols and their implications, enabling accurate diagram interpretation.

  • Implement UML: Recognize UML concepts and discern when to apply specific constructs. You’ll be equipped to outline required functionalities, document software architectures, data structures, and craft comprehensive software design models.

  • Navigate Enterprise Architect: Understand the platform’s core layout and model creation/modification processes. Discover essential tips for efficient UML model management.

Key Questions Addressed

  • What value does UML add?

  • What are UML’s fundamental language elements?

  • How to choose the appropriate diagram type?

  • Best practices for UML-based model structuring?

  • UML’s role in requirements management?

  • Steps to construct a software architecture using UML?

  • Effective utilization of UML within Enterprise Architect?

Course Content

Productive modelling requires not just a language but also a tool like Enterprise Architect and a method for proper language application. Sparxsystems CE’s 20+ years of experience in UML training provide valuable insights and best practices.

Topics Covered

  • Language: UML’s versatility allows for modelling various domains, focusing here on software system analysis and description.

  • Tool: Learn Enterprise Architect’s foundational aspects, key configurations, model-diagram distinctions, model reuse across views, diagram layouts, and essential model linking and navigation techniques.

  • Method: While UML lacks an inherent method, we explore strategic modelling approaches using UML diagrams to effectively describe software systems.

  • Experience: Benefit from Sparxsystems CE's extensive experience in UML training, enriched with practical tips for Enterprise Architect.

Further courses are available to deepen your methodological expertise.


While a rudimentary grasp of (software) systems can be advantageous, it is not mandatory for enrollment.

For comprehensive details on the technical specifications required for this eLearning—such as necessary hardware, software, compatible versions of Enterprise Architect, licenses, and information about the Moodle learning platform—please refer to the following section.


Duration: by arrangement
Location: online or onsite
Presentation language: German/English

Agenda: customizable agenda, also with company-specific content; as a template
Date: by arrangement

Degree: confirmation of participation
Registration deadline: 3-6 weeks before the desired date
Bookable with a minimum of 5 participants
Price from 3 days/person: € 1.584,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)
Price per day/person: € 582,- excl. VAT (plus travel expenses for onsite training)


Duration: 3 days
Location: online
Presentation language: German/English

Agenda: predefined agenda, not customizable
Date: on request

Degree: confirmation of participation
Bookable for individuals
Price/person: € 1.290,- excl. VAT

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