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Sparx EA Unified

This edition is for the advanced user that needs support for SysML, simulation and code generation.
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Product Details
  • Includes all the features of the Corporate version, with the added ability to use a number of advanced functions such as SysML, Model simulation, BPEL code generation and executable code generation.
  • Upgrades and support included for 12 months
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For the software development professional, business modeler, architect, requirements expert, project manager or those involved in the design and construction of quality software and business services, this new edition of Enterprise Architect has the features and built in tools to help the individual or the team deliver the best solution possible.
Real-Time, HDL Code Engineering and Profiles, SysML Parametric Model Simulation, BPEL Generation from BPMN diagrams, BPMN Simulation, BPEL 2.0 Generation, Business Rules Composer, Executable Code Generation from Behavioral Models, Math Support built into Script Engines, Ada 2012 Code Engineerin..
Included MDG Technologies/Architectural Frameworks:
  • MDG Technology for UPDM
  • MDG Technology for Zachman Framework
  • MDG Technology for UAF
  • MDG Technology for SysML
  • MDG Technology for TOGAF
  • MDG Technology for DDS
Included MDG Integration Tools:
  • MDG Integration for Visual Studio
  • MDG Link for Visual Studio
  • MDG Integration for Eclipse
  • MDG Link for Eclipse
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